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I am in love...

madly, passionately in love, with photography.

I am obsessed with memories. I've always been worried that when I get old, I won't remember enough of my life. So, for as long as I can remember, I have been recording and documenting memories through a lens. Luckily for my friends and family, their lives have been recorded in my journey as well! So you can say that photography is a natural extension of my longing to celebrate and remember my life and the amazing people in it.

Professionally, I've been a photographer for 13 years, initially focusing on headshots and editorial work for major publications. Beginning six years ago, I combined my passion of photography with my love of working with children and families.

I also view childhood memories as rare treasures that must be captured, celebrated, and cherished forever. Being a kindergarten teacher for five years, I experienced this kind of magic every single day.

What sets me apart is my rapport with children, my creative eye, and my extensive knowledge and expertise in editing and retouching professional quality images. Many don't realize the importance of enhancing an image - my goal is to make each image look the BEST it can be! I want you to have photographs that capture your love and the beauty that is special to your family. I love seeing everything about people that makes them unique and fun. I want to tell your story in a timeless way - imagine your real love, your real life, told beautifully in photographs. Your experience with me will be fun and our portraits will capture a moment in time for you to cherish ALWAYS, as your world changes and grows.

LDandMEphotography specializes in maternity, newborn, children, family, and event photography. Special announcement cards and invitations can also be designed!

Please call at 310.666.6732 or email info@ldandmephoto.com with any questions or to book your appointment!